1. www.ANewEnglandPantheon.org An online realization of James Phinney Baxter’s vision of a Temple of Honor to the founders of New England. The “Virtual Pantheon” will be a sophisticated website with many functions: a permanent memorial, museum, art gallery, research resource, debate forum, and information database commemorating and celebrating the principles, ideals and lives of the founders of New England, as well as those of the original native inhabitants of the region. 

2. A book: The First Fifty Years – An inspiring, balanced perspective on the Origin Story of New England. The extraordinary, uplifting story of the Mayflower Pilgrims, their departure from Europe, Squanto, Massasoit the Pokanoket sachem, and a half century of peace and co-operation at Plymouth Plantation. 

3. A history course in workbook form, with accompanying DVD: An Expanded Look at American History. We trace the role of inspiration and trust in bringing freedom to the human condition, and America’s role in this process, from 16th Century Cambridge, England to the writing of the Constitution of the United States of America. 

4. The completion of the 5-part DVD series Voices of America, which weaves a tapestry of ideas to inspire the realization of the founding principles and ideals of America. 

5. A multilingual booklet, The Founders of New England, aimed primarily at new immigrants, providing a succinct and accurate history of the principal events, founders and founding ideals of New England.