The educational projects of the Baxter Project are vehicles for the long-time dream of New England’s Baxter family to come to fruition. The great patriarch of the family, James Phinney Baxter, was a man of passion and vision, and the long-awaited realization of his and his son Percival’s bequests to the City of Boston will be a grand event indeed. 

Connie Baxter Marlow and her daughter Alison are stepping forward in the visionary tradition of their ancestors, along with teammate Andrew Cameron Bailey. It is an uplifting and inspiring example of the founding principles and ideals working their way through the generations, as New England continues be a paragon of forward thinking and action. The original pioneers, men and women of vision, handed the mantle on. This team accepts that mantle gratefully and with much enthusiasm, pride and love for their ancestors, their contemporaries, their children and all who are yet to come. 

To see where we can take the inspired documents of freedom of our nation within the context of a balanced understanding of our beginnings and of the nature of the universe, we must return to the origin story of the United States, correct the misunderstandings, and put in the missing pieces.” CBM 

The Baxter Project Team

Constance Baxter Marlow 

Project Administrator and Research Coordinator.

Connie was born in Brunswick, Maine in 1946. She was raised in Pittsfield, Maine and her life as one of the Baxters of Maine was inspiring to her. She graduated from Dana Hall School, in Wellesley, MA in 1964. She attended Wheaton College, in Norton, MA then graduated with honors in Economics from UC Berkeley in 1964.

Connie is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, public speaker and teacher. She has created forums for indigenous elders and has lectured at colleges, schools and conferences throughout the country on inspirational subjects concerning the nature of the universe and the future of humanity. 

Connie has spent extensive time with indigenous tribes throughout the United States and Mexico. She has been creating forums for visionary elders for 15 years through events, symposia, films and books. She believes the indigenous peoples are carrying valuable information for humanity in the essence of their cosmology. She is a Mayflower Pilgrim descendent through her grandmother Constance French Baxter, and is descended from John and Priscilla Alden.

Alison Baxter Marlow 

Website Manager, Researcher, Director of Operations. 

Alison, Connie’s daughter, was born in Aspen, Colorado in 1980. Her extraordinary childhood included extensive stays with the American Indians – the Hopi of Arizona, the Maya of the jungles of Mexico, the Lakota of the Plains, the Ute of Colorado and the Penobscots of Maine. At 18 she became the first Westerner to visit a remote region of China, where she encountered and befriended a village of Uyghur people, indigenous Muslims living in the western China. Alison journeyed with a Chinese guide across northern China, and traveled alone through Tibet spending time with monks in the monasteries throughout the region. She accomplished this shortly after graduating with honors from the Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1998. 

As part of her diverse education, Alison attended college in Katmandu, Nepal, where she studied cultural anthropology and religion, and in Florence, Italy where her studies included the history of the Middle Ages, art history, and the Italian language. Independently, she read and studied the Bible and the changing relationship of people to the Bible, in an attempt to further understand art history, the cathedrals of Europe, and Western civilization.

Andrew Cameron Bailey

Writer, Researcher, Web Consultant.

Andrew was born in Coventry, England in 1943. He grew up in South Africa where he received his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Natal with multiple majors in chemistry, mathematics, English literature and social anthropology. He was a lecturer/professor of chemistry in South Africa for three years prior to emigrating to the United States in 1969, where among other things he pursued a masters degree in English literature at the City University of New York. Andrew is a writer, teacher, photographer and filmmaker whose studies in anthropology and human consciousness have led him to a profound respect for both the indigenous world-view and that of inspired Westerners. He recognizes the societal importance of the The Baxter Project and brings to these programs a great deal of creative energy and experience, a balanced perspective, and essential technical expertise.

The Baxter Project, Inc. is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, a program of the International Humanities Center, a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.